Bernard Kwan Joins Metabase Network as Advisor


The Metabase team is extremely excited to announce that Bernard Kwan has joined the Metabase project as an advisor.

Bernard is CFO and Partner at Arocrest Capital Management which provides investment and management expertise to Arocrest, a Hong Kong-based company focused on private equity investments in mid-market growth and family businesses. He has more than a decade of experience in finance and portfolio management across a diverse range of industries within Asian markets.

Commenting on the appointment, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Collin Thompson said –

“Excited is not the word to have some like Bernard helping us with the governance and the performance of the Metabase Network. Not only is he a pragmatic business operator he understands the macro-economic values of running a global network that provides human, and social value beyond technological innovations we’re proposing”

Before his current role, Bernard was a general manager of treasury risk management at CITIC Pacific, where he restructured the organisation’s FX and interest rate derivative portfolio and implemented a new set of company-wide risk management controls. He was also the principal and CFO at Nitesh Real Estate Advisors, where he managed fundraising, along with tax and legal structuring for the company.

Bernard expressed his excitement and enthusiasm for the Metabase project and the team behind it.

“I connected with Collin Thompson funnily enough through LinkedIn to discuss how family offices approach investing and we bonded over a number of issues, which included a shared love of philosophy and the fact that my daughter is also an avid ice skater. Collin and I have talked about collaborating on a number of projects over the years and it is actually only now that I can say that we can finally work on something together.”

“I decided to join Metabase as an advisor because I really wanted to spend time working with the team and help the company grow, both by potentially bringing in new investment and partners and also working closely with the staff on corporate wellness issues. I have been coaching and teaching for a couple of years now and want to help the team to on work-life balance, mindfulness, and other issues.”

“I really saw the potential of the platform, that it can make blockchain accessible to a much wider number of participants without having to hire armies of coders and across a range of countries. Collin really inspired me with some of the stories of people who are building solutions on your platform, for industries that are not just finance and accounting. I’m doubly impressed as an investor that the company is already generating positive cash flow and growing strongly on an organic basis. I believe this validates the business model and is a testament to the management team, there are many companies that are raising large sums of money and burning through cash without much to show for it”, he continued.

Stay tuned for more announcements. We’ve got exciting news about contributors, advisors, and partnerships!

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