The Metabase Network ICO: Everything you need to know in less than 3 minutes



Please read and understand the Metabase ICO Token Economics along with the information below. If you would like to purchase META tokens you can do so here.

What’s the hard cap?

The total ICO hard cap is $41,840,000 USD

What is the total network token supply?

The total lifetime supply of the Metabase network is 8,000,000,000 (8 Billion) Tokens.

What is the price of the token?

The price of a META token is 0.02 USD

When does the token sale start?

Event Start Date End Date
Pre-Sale – Stage 1 June 5, 2018 June 22, 2018
Pre-Sale – Stage 2 July 10th, 2018 August 17th, 2018
ICO Main Sale – Stage 1 September 4th, 2018 October 18th, 2018
ICO Main Sale – Stage 2 October 19th, 2018 November 2nd, 2018


Who is restricted from participating in the sale?

Chinese Nationals

What is the minimum purchase requirement?

Minimum purchase requirements across sale events and stages are as follows:

Pre Sale

  • Stage 1: $1,000 USD
  • Stage 2: $500 USD

Main Sale

  • Stage 1: $100 USD
  • Stage 2: $100 USD

What is the discount for my tokens?

The META token is $0.02 USD and discounts are as follows:

Pre Sale

  • Stage 1: 25%
  • Stage 2: 20%    

Main Sale

  • Stage 1: 15%
  • Stage 2: 5%

What is the token release schedule?

Tokens will be released 30 days after the ICO, based on the phase and stage of their confirmed purchase.

  • Pre-sale 1: 0 month (no restrictions)
  • Pre-sale 2: 30 days
  • Main-sale 1: 45 days
  • Main-sale 2: 60 days

What currencies can I use to purchase META?

You can use Ether (ETH) or your credit card to purchase META in Fiat.

How should I send my Ether?

You should use a simple ERC-20 compatible wallet. Like Mycrypto, or MyEtherWallet. Your Ether address, from an ERC-20 compatible wallet, will be used to receive your tokens.

Can I send Ether from an exchange or a smart contract?

No, DO NOT send crypto from an exchange or from a Smart contract.

What is the token allocation for each sale event?

  • The Pre Sale has a token allocation of 400 Million tokens.
  • The main Sale has a token allocation of 2 Billion Tokens.

What is required for your KYC process?

We will request your standard identifying information along with Email and mobile number.

You will also be required to submit a proof a residence document eg. utility bill, or bank statement with your full name and address. This document must be dated within 3 months of your submission date.

You will also be required to submit a copy of your national ID, or passport. This document must have a photo.

You may also be required to prove that you are in possession of the submitted ID, by taking a selfie holding the document.

Can I get on a whitelist for the main sale now?

Yes, you may fill out the “Pre-Screening Questionnaire” before each stage of the Metabase token sale.

Is there a cap on purchases for buyers during the token sale?

  • A Pre Sale buyer can purchase up to 10% of the tokens allocated in the Pre Sale.
  • A Main Sale buyer can purchase up to 10% of the tokens allocated in the Main Sale.

When do my pre-order and purchase price get confirmed?

Pre-orders and prices are not final until after payment is confirmed.

At check out, we will show you an estimated META Token amount at the current price for convenience only.

After payment is received (which can take several hours for USD payments or up to 60-120 minutes for certain cryptocurrencies), the exchange rate and META Token amounts are confirmed taking into account the discount and pricing prevailing in the stage of participation.

Will the tokens be listed on an exchange?

We will announce any exchange partnerships that develop between now and the main-net launch on the Metabase website, through our mailing list, or in our telegram group.

What happens if the all the tokens in the sale are not sold?

Tokens that were allocated for the sale events but remain unsold will be allocated to the Reserves.

What will you do with the reserves and who controls them?

The reserves are governed by Intrepid Ventures Limited and will be used specifically for network development and advancement. eg Blockchain Research, PHD Research Fellowship/Scholarships, development and protocol improvements, Community Development eg. Hackathons and Educational programs, grants and development bursaries, as well as contributions to projects developed on the Metabase network eg Dapps, and Enterprise Consortiums.

What will I receive when I pre-order META Tokens?  

You will receive ERC 20 tokens that will be held in a Smart Contract Registry. The registry will hold your tokens until 30 days after the ICO has completed.

Your tokens will be released to you in-line with the restrictions of your purchase period and will represent your token allocation in the Metabase network.

When do my META tokens get released?

All tokens are released 30 days after the ICO and are subject to a certain amount of usage restriction.

The period of usage restriction is selected at the time of token purchase, commencing 30 days after the ICO, and ranging from a minimum of 0 months (no restriction) to 60 days.

Why do you have usage restrictions?

Usage restrictions are in place to ensure token stability and as a part of the contribution process to allocate tokens to individuals and entities that are focused on usage and participation in the network.

We CANNOT issue a Token Pre-order for partial payments, because the legal agreements signed will be for the EXACT amount you entered and agreed to.

What happens if I send more money than is required for the pre-order? Will I receive extra META?

No. Please send EXACTLY the amount listed on the payment page.

This is easy with USD, but many crypto token wallets force users to manually enter the payment amount to send.

Please be careful and enter in EXACTLY the right amount (including any additional network transaction fees, if applicable).

We CANNOT count it, because the legal agreements signed will be for the EXACT amount you entered and agreed to. If you would like more than the original requested amount, please create a new pre-order.

DO NOT send more than your pre-order amount.

I sent too much or too little money for a purchase. What happens to that money?

Any funds sent for pre-orders that were NOT completed by the end of the sale (i.e. too little money) will be canceled.

Any extra funds sent for a pre-order beyond the purchase amount (e.g. too much money) will not be counted.

Those funds may be refunded to the purchaser.


If you would like to purchase META tokens you can do so here: https://ico.metabase.network/