Metabase Network Community Round-Up

Videos, Articles & Reviews Created by the Metabase Community


Get to know Metabase through content created by our growing community. View articles, video reviews & interviews about Metabase. If you would like to purchase META tokens you can do so here.

In the build-up to launching Metabase, we always knew that content was going to play a central role in helping us share our story and explain what we’re building.

You can find all our content on our blog and our more in-depth and technical pieces here.

But we’re not the only ones creating content for Metabase and spreading the word about our platform.

A big thank you has to go out to all our content contributors. Here are some of the highlights from the community.

Articles & Analysis

Metabase Blockchain Protocol – A Deep Dive Analysis

Ludolf Schoning is an analyst at Ausum Ventures, a hybrid venture and hedge fund based in San Francisco. In this article he takes a deep dive and provides an objective view point on the Metabase ICO.Metabase has the potential to be one of the projects to survive and thrive even after the blockchain hype wave. Rather than attracting pump & dump investors, they are aiming to build a community of miners, entrepreneurs and developers that seek to leverage a more user-friendly platform.”

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Global Coin Report: The 7 Golden ICOs to shine in Q3 of 2018

As blockchains evolve, fundamentals issues need to be addressed. “We have seen a progression in the quality of blockchains but also a selection of fundamental problems which need to be addressed before the entire world can utilize them. New blockchains entering the market have the benefit of starting later and learning all of the mistakes made by those before them.” In the 7 Golden ICOs to shin in Q3 of 2018 we come in at number 1!

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ICO Report on Coinschedule

Check out this ICO report on Coinschedule covering all aspects of Metabase and the ICO. “They’ve created a blockchain infrastructure designed to empower developers, entrepreneurs, and industry, to easily create advanced distributed applications and scale them into the market-leading businesses of the future.”

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Video Reviews & Interviews

ICO Alert Interview with Collin
Here’s an interview from ICO Alert with Collin, our Managing director and co-founder. Tune in as he shares his insights on the future of turning ideas into impact and the importance of building a community that networks, instead of just another company that works. Check it out!

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Comprehensive Video Review of the Metabase ICO

This video review seeks to answer whether Metabase can make an impact with its innovative scaling solution, virtual machine smart contracts and governance system, or if will it be swamped in this increasingly saturated space by other projects with more hype? Find out more in this comprehensive video review about Metabase!

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Жив ли майнинг в Мае 2018? Metabase Blockchain Protocol
For our Russian speaking supporters check out this video from Beeminer as they review Metabase from a miner’s perspective.

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ICO REVIEW JUNE 2018: High Performance Blockchain

Another video review. Follow youtube influencer SANEM AVCIL as he goes through the features and components of Metabase.

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Other Notable Mentions:

This is the Real Challenge for Blockchains: Scalability

Blockchains have hit adoption limits due to scalability issues. How is Metabase addressing this?

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Rival Terkuat Bitcoin: Metabase

Here’s an introduction and review of Metabase, covering scalability, governance, and more, all in Bahasa Indonesian.

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