Metabase Network: Project Updates

The Metabase project has continued to build over the last few months. Here's a few updates.


The Metabase team has been working hard and making progress over the last few months. We have a few project updates from our end which we would like to share with you.

Exciting Partnerships

We have partnered with leading service providers such as PwC, Horangi Cyber Security, Ashurst, and Quantstamp and integrated with Bancor & Kyber Network to give Metabase token holders access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings.


Big players are taking notice. The project has received contributions from Arturo Capital, Rhapsody Ventures, Robin Lee, CEO & Founder of Hello Gold and Rune Evenson, Founder Coss.io, amongst others.

Expert advisory team

We’ve built an experienced advisory team that features leading industry experts. Our advisors have expertise in the finance, investments, insurance, law, cryptography, information security, and blockchain/technology industries. Our advisors have built multi-million dollar companies and worked with leading multinational companies such as JP Morgan, PwC, SingTel, KPMG, Tencent, AIA, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Blackstone.

Updated code

Our engineers continue to build. Some of you may not have noticed that we are actively updating and developing our open source code to Github. You can find updates here. For the benefit of our non-technical supporters, and to keep our community more informed of our progress we have also decided to start a code blog which can be found here.

Main-sale extension

After consideration amongst our team, we have decided to extend our main sale period until further notice to give more people a chance to buy into the sale. The token price will remain a constant at 0.02 USD/token, from November 15th, 2018 moving forward. The minimum purchase amount is 5 USD.

There will be a final bonus round that gives all buyers 2% bonus tokens. This bonus round ends after 31 January 2019, after which, no bonus price will apply.

Tokens release dates

Exchange listings are in progress and we will notify our community whenever an exchange lists the Metabase token. Your tokens will be available for trading on exchanges depending on which stage you bought into the token sale.  

Pre-sale 1 [June 5-22, 2018]: 2 Dec 2018

Pre-sale 2 [July 10-Aug 17, 2018]: 1 Jan 2019

Main sale 1 [Sept 4-Oct 18, 2018]: 16 Jan 2019

Main sale 2 [Oct 19-Nov 14, 2018]: 31 Jan 2019

Main sale 3 [Nov 15, 2018-Jan 31, 2019]: 31 Jan 2019 for cryptocurrency purchases; after 75 days for credit card purchases.

Main sale 4 [Feb 1, 2019 onwards]: tokens are released immediately for cryptocurrency purchases; after 75 days for credit card purchases.

For more information about the Metabase token economics, you can refer to this page Metabase ICO Token Economics.

The Metabase team would like to thank you very much for your support. We are excited to continue to build Metabase Network and hit our development goals. Please continue to engage with us and stay tuned for updates via our Telegram, Twitter and blog.

If you would like to purchase tokens, you can do so here.